Investor Relations

InStep NanoPower, LLC is a nanotecnology company conducting research and development work in renewable energy, microfluidics and sensors. A novel high-power energy harvesting technology that we are developing enables highly efficient and unobtrusive energy harvesting from human locomotion with the overall goal of providing mobile users with a robust inexhaustible high-power energy source with up to 20W usable electrical power.

The potential market for this technology is very broad and includes both civilian and military segments. For instance it can be used to provide high-power uninterrupted energy supply for a broad range of portable electronic devices used by military, emergency and law enforcement personnel, including radio communication systems, night-vision goggles, GPS units, mission-specific mobile computing systems, etc. Similarly, civilian users can benefit from using energy harvesting to replace or supplement batteries used to power typical mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, PDAs, etc., especially when they do not have access to a power grid for long periods of time.

InStep Nanopower is always interested in further developing our relationships with the investment community.